All relationships, whether romantic or workplace, are based on trust, reliance, support, and pursuit of mutual growth. At GoHealth, this is exactly how we approach every employment relationship. Thanks to your dedication, will, and effort, our company is moving forward and growing — and we want you to grow too.

We care about your career growth and are committed to investing in you. We encourage you to be vocal and develop a powerful voice in topics relevant to engineering, software development, infrastructure, and software operations. Thanks to our open door policy, your voice is always heard — you can choose your career path, move to another position, and develop your skills according to your preference. That’s why we created our professional development program — it will ultimately open many opportunities for you as an individual and for the company. We provide an individual budget for each and every team member to spend on a workshop, conference, certification, membership or anything else to help you expand your soft or hard skills and knowledge.

Peter: Last year, I attended the Reactive Conference and Kafka Summit. I had a chance to talk to people from different countries and areas about their work or about stuff related to my work. Summits and conferences are the best options for meeting new people (or meeting old friends) with the same interests, learning new things, or just getting a view of future trends.

Another advantage is that you can share the information with your team during our internal workshops or knowledge sharing sessions. That way you can practice what you learned and provide insightful information to your co-workers.

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Iveta: Last year, we attended European Women in Technology Conference. We learned about the latest technology updates in companies all over the world, new approaches to self-presentation, and roles of women in today’s workforce. The defining word of this conference was ‘disruption’ and its immense impact on the functioning of the tech business in the future. It was a great opportunity to meet interesting leaders, learn about their projects, and discuss ideas with other fellow women in tech.

In addition to personal and professional development, GoHealth prioritizes technological advancement for its team members. At GoHealth, our technology is fundamental to our success. Using an agile and highly collaborative process, we build high-performing, scalable, web-based software solutions that handle a high volume of transactions each day. We’re committed to constantly modernizing and growing our systems in a thoughtful, business-driven way. As part of our team, you’ll gain valuable exposure to the most advanced enterprise technologies, tools and processes in the industry. We’re committed to growing a team of well-rounded engineers, operating software in a production environment, and building production-worthy software that delivers results and reliability to the entire organization. Quality control comes first, and our systems go through highly engaged code reviews.

We want you to master technologies you’re already working with, learn new ones, use new applications, and improve your abilities. We also want you to be part of a discussion and share your knowledge with fellow colleagues from different environments, companies, and countries, acquire new points of view, and learn from the top heads of a particular field.

As part of Team GoHealth, you will work with and learn from the U.S. and Slovak top tech heads in the industry with years of experience, broaden your horizons, acquire new skills, and establish a good relationship with people from across the Atlantic Ocean. Since we understand the importance of face-to-face interactions, we give you the opportunity to travel to our U.S. base and not only to meet our American colleagues, but gain valuable tech skills, context, and understanding of what makes the company tick — and maybe even take a few days off and travel around the United States! The program also encourages our U.S. colleagues travel to Slovakia, so you will be part of mentoring and knowledge-sharing sessions to build strong bonds not only professionally but also outside work.

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Breno: I had the opportunity to be in Chicago for a few weeks as part of the GoHealth exchange program. What I enjoyed the most was definitely getting to know everyone in person — the best way to feel more connected to the team. We worked together during those weeks and had some outside activities. It helped me to create even better working and friendship links with my team. Also, being closer to the business made me learn faster, and I could also see how the company is using everything that I’m creating for GoHealth, which was fascinating! As a bonus, I had a chance to visit Chicago, an amazing city. I can’t wait to have another opportunity to visit our headquarters!

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