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At GoHealth, our technology is fundamental to our success. Using an agile and highly collaborative process, we build high-performing, scalable, web-based software solutions that handle a high volume of transactions each day.

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in a thoughtful, business-driven way. As part of our team, you’ll gain valuable exposure to the most advanced technologies, tools and processes in the industry.

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Proven technology

Our systems are built upon data with the highest level of care, business acumen, and creativity. Spring, React and Redux and Node.js are just a few common frameworks and libraries we actively use. We’re proudly multilingual, very much TypeScript-positive, put GoLang to good use throughout our infrastructure and custom tooling, and keep up with new developments in Java.

Agile processes

Our dynamic teams do things the “GoHealth way” by using lightweight processes inspired by Kanban to deliver quality solutions just-in-time with minimal waste of resources while keeping potential for improvements.

Quality control comes first

Our systems go through strict QA protocols before successful integration, including rigorous architectural and design reviews, highly engaged code reviews, static code analysis, SonarQube, software testing, and automation E2E tests using Gauge/Kotlin.

Top business intelligence

With the data provided, our data analysts work together with business leaders to provide insights through tools like SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, and Tableau. These insights are critical for driving business strategy and growth, making our analysts an important link between our data scientists, data engineers, and business teams.

Enterprise-grade operations

GoHealth’s technology teams operate their software at scale and maintain a great range of infrastructural and application systems. Our solutions are typically run as Docker containers, and our infrastructure and configuration are implemented in code and deployed by Terraform providers and Ansible. Our infrastructure is cloud-hosted and highly scalable.

Data engineering

Our data teams work hard to make the data available throughout the company. They build pipelines using Java and Python, Flink, and Airflow, using data sources like Kafka, APIs, structured files or partner portals, and load them into our data warehouse.

Technology that makes an impact

Our technology is fundamental to our success. Let’s dive deeper into the tech stack we use on a daily basis!

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