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Build your tech skills and career at GoHealth Slovakia while doing work that makes a real impact. Driven by the commitment to compassionately help our customers, GoHealth connects millions of people with affordable health insurance in the United States.

We want to be great at doing good.

- Vijay Kotte, Chief Executive Officer

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In the 20+ years of business, GoHealth continues to evolve

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Cutting-edge tech

With access to the latest tools, there’s always more to learn. We constantly modernize our technological stack in a business-driven way that strengthens your professional skills.


A sense of family

Our office in Slovakia has a close-knit culture of over 90 team members who support each other in their work and achievements. Employees support each other both at work, as well as through fun team-building activities outside of work.

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Grow your
professional skills

Gain valuable experience working alongside senior leaders in the U.S. and Slovakia to power a multi-billion dollar enterprise platform.

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Stable & mission-driven company

GoHealth is a leading health-tech company in the health insurance space. Thanks to our drive and forward-thinking culture, we are rapidly adapting to changing market conditions. Our goal has always been to deliver the best solutions without excuses, to think outside the box, and to be effective beyond expected levels.

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We are looking for a
Senior Frontend Engineer

We are always looking for bright minds and new talents to join us.
We operate all around Slovakia, with offices in Bratislava and Košice.

We are looking for a
Site Reliability Engineer

We are always looking for bright minds and new talents to join us.
We operate all around Slovakia, with offices in Bratislava and Košice.

We are looking for a
API Management Platform Engineer

We are always looking for bright minds and new talents to join us.
We operate all around Slovakia, with offices in Bratislava and Košice.

A few of our awards

A legacy of innovation

GoHealth Slovakia began over a decade ago as Creatix - a design, engineering, and technology startup firm. Today, we're proud to be part of a thriving tech company.

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GoHealth is founded to improve healthcare access across America through innovative technology.


GoHealth develops real-time quoting technology for efficient plan selection.


GoHealth begins providing 1:1 consultations for healthcare consumers.


Creatix is established in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Creatix and GoHealth partner to provide engineering support for the growing healthtech enterprise.


GoHealth enters the Medicare Advantage market, helping consumers find the right benefits for them.


Creatix reaches 75 team members and opens a new office in Košice, Slovakia. Creatix officially joins the GoHealth family.


GoHealth goes public and launches the Encompass platform to simplify the Medicare journey.


PlanFit technology brings consumers customized, analytics-driven assessments of their Medicare coverage options.


The CARES team builds trusting relationships with consumers through enrollment and beyond.

Meet the team

Our people define us – and they’ll help you define you professionally, too. We’d like to introduce you to your new colleagues.

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Director Operations & Human Resources

I’ve been with GoHealth since the very beginning, and what I appreciate most is that more experienced employees are still as passionate as they were in the beginning, and always motivate new colleagues. The friendly atmosphere and helpfulness are always present.

Photo of Breno


Senior Data Engineer

The best part about working at GoHealth is the people. I have the opportunity to work with fantastic groups, full of smart and kind people who are always willing to help. GoHealth is also a multicultural company, which makes everyone feel welcome. It’s definitely great to be able to work with so many cultures around you. Even now, I feel amazed by the kindness displayed by my colleagues.

Photo of Zuzka


Program Manager

What I like about GoHealth is that they recognize hard work, provide exposure to senior leadership, opportunities to work on meaningful projects, and invest in professional development. I love working with such smart and inspirational people who are more friends than coworkers. I know I can trust the company’s leadership, and I am encouraged to share my ideas and opinions.

Photo of Lubo


Lead Software Engineer

What I love the most about GoHealth: the people, the culture, the environment. I just feel like I’m at home here. I just recently changed positions at GoHealth, which will present a big new challenge for me. We’re currently trying to build solutions based on the processing of big data to support the decision-making processes in our company. This is an exciting opportunity for many of us to work with the most recent technologies, and to learn something new.

Photo of Robo


Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

At GoHealth, we have always been innovative, collaborative, and employee-centric. We are committed to working toward a vision of serving our company’s most important needs, individually.

Our Purpose

We compassionately ensure peace of mind in our consumers’ healthcare decisions... so they can focus on living life.

Our Values

Explore our values, the guiding principles that define our identity and drive our commitment to mastery.


We do the right thing with transparency and honesty.


We are intentionally inclusive. We listen and work together to find the right solutions.


We take responsibility for the decisions we make and the impact they have.


We face every challenge with agility and determination to continuously innovate.


We are driven to understand and serve others.

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