For nearly a decade, Creatix built technology for early stage companies and scaled engineering horsepower for high-growth companies across the United States and Slovakia. The Team was born from cousins, one in Slovakia and the other in Chicago, united on a vision of building a company with the best talent but also, where above all, our people and culture mattered the most. This vision scaled quickly to meet the demands of our Clients in FinTech, Healthcare and eCommerce. The tremendous efforts of the Team over the years was realized when we began our work with GoHealth that, over a 4 year very successful partnership, resulted in a pivotal transformation and maturity of both businesses. Creatix and Team formally joined the GoHealth Family in 2019 and continues to be instrumental in powering their proprietary technology platform that serves millions of Americans.

The vision that brought us to where we are today remains very much alive and propels us forward as we continue to invest in our people and culture.

What unites the U.S. and Slovakia teams? We are one big technology research and development team! The US based Team operates the entirety of the GoHealth business with the branch in Slovakia focusing on our software and data platforms and various aspects of its infrastructure. Our focus on the software, product, and infrastructure fuels the company, supporting such programs as our shopping platform, data science and machine learning, marketing automatization, software for call centers systems, CRM software, and more. The list goes on and on!

Thanks to our drive and forward-thinking culture, we are rapidly adapting to changing market conditions. This variety results in a dynamic and motivating work environment. Our employees are becoming experts in modern technology and product stacks, rather than being blocked by rigid, monolithic projects.

Two Software Engineers working together.

We work in mixed Slovak/American teams with mentoring and support from the brightest minds in the industry, including home-grown GoHealth aces as well as former employees of Google, Intel, Eset, and more. We are investing generously into skill development for our employees — we have a professional development program coming soon with a generous budget for every team member to spend on a workshop, conference, certification, membership, or anything else to help expand their skills or knowledge. We provide in-house English courses and an exchange program to travel and work on-site in the Chicago, Illinois, U.S. headquarters. We also invest handsomely in a healthy and safe work environment, be it at your home or in GoHealth offices. Healthy snacks and free-time sport activities are must-haves. Our ongoing goal is to provide work-life balance, and giving our employees flexible working hours is one of the key factors to accomplish that.

We like to think in a broader context and interconnect existing issues on many different levels. We’re committed to constantly modernizing and growing our systems with a thoughtful, business-driven approach. As part of our team, our team members will gain valuable exposure to cutting edge technologies, systems, and tools of the trade. We are software engineers and work with multiple technologies:

● Spring, React and Redux and Node.js are just a few common frameworks and libraries we actively use.

● We’re proudly multilingual, very TypeScript-positive, and put GoLang to good use throughout our infrastructure and tooling, and keep up with new developments in Java.

● Our systems go through strict QA protocols, rigorous architectural and design reviews, highly engaged code reviews, static code analysis, and automated E2E tests using Gauge/Kotlin.

● Our data teams work hard to make the data available throughout the company. They build pipelines using Java and Python, Flink and Airflow, Kafka, kSQL, and more.

● With the data provided, our data analysts work together with business leaders to provide insights through tools like SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, and Tableau.

● GoHealth’s technology teams operate their software at scale and maintain a great range of infrastructural and application systems. Our solutions are typically run as Docker containers, and our cloud-hosted infrastructure and configuration are implemented in code and deployed by Terraform providers and Ansible.

Our proprietary technology is pivotal to our success. With an agile and highly collaborative process, we build the next generation of GoHealth products as high-performing, scalable software solutions that handle a high volume of transactions each day.

A developer working on his computer in the office.

GoHealth is a leading provider in the health-tech space, and together we power a fully integrated platform that allows millions of people in the United States to access affordable health insurance options. This platform delivers value to both consumers as well as the insurance companies GoHealth serves. GoHealth helps to nurture long-term relationships and highly satisfied customers who not only find the best health insurance for them and their families, but are also able to optimize the way they utilize that insurance.

Our goal has always been to deliver the best solutions without excuses, to think outside the box, and to be effective beyond expected levels — all while maintaining a motivating, balanced, and flexible environment. We’re fortunate to be part of a forward-thinking company committed to investing in the culture we’ve built, attracting the best people, and providing resources to support their individual success as well as our company’s. Become your best at GoHealth — we’re here to support you!


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