Digital Content Authoring Tool

For eLearning / Learning Management System

Acme eLearning

HTML5 and JS based Video Authoring web application used for designing interactive digital content for eLearning.

This web based application allows the conversion of Flash based video material to HTML5. Then it allows the curator to edit the content.

Web Desktop


Acme Authoring Tool has been created to help doctors prepare their interactive e-learning courses.

From individual classes to complete courses that are made up of an entire curriculum.


Interactive digital learning material can get complex - and this application made it simple.

Visual material, textual support, assets and programming of content all supported and easy to use!

Structure Editor

Acme Authoring Tool gives you access to three different editing modes.
The Structure Editor lets you set Class Material's structure by simple and convenient block diagram.

Add Chapter, Topics and Screens and create conditional transitions between them
to build your perfect Class Material.

Screen Editor

Screen Editor allows you to easily create screens that will be
the main output of each Class Material.

Script Editor

Thanks to the Script Editor, the editors can easily manage content basing only on text, so designing
person could receive a comprehensive Class Material sketch.

Preview your Class Materials

Prepare your perfect Class Material, Preview it, let people comment it. Profit!